Picture Perfect..


This post is long overdue!  Although things have been busy,  I want to catch up and definitely blog about my first listing! 

Lets go back in time a few months...

 So I graduated! Yay! The Real Estate Board has granted me a temporary licence to sell Real Estate while I work through the next practical component. Excellent, but okay WOW now what! What will my first listing look like? How will I get it? Will I be out in my high heels knocking on doors, going up to strangers at the coffee shop? Perhaps send out some cards to my network re-introducing myself and new career? Will friends or family put trust in me right away?

 If you are in my network and wondering where your card is or if I left you out??...Don't worry! There never was a card..not yet! It's funny how we can play things out in our mind and create different scenarios, then life just happens and shows ya how it's gonna be. I've never been a huge planner and so it was quite fitting that my first listing came in fast and hard. There it was, I had to fight for it and get real about my experience...(NONE).. But I knew this was going to work and it was everything I wanted in a listing and more. Fully furnished, meticulously clean, aesthetically pleasing 2 bed Ocean view Condo! 

 Guess what?! Every listing also comes along with a client or two... or three, of course! Who was this going to be? How will I find my first client or how will we get connected? My very first client was also everything I needed in a client as a new agent. She not only put her trust in me and gave me a chance as a fresh new agent just out of school, she taught me many lessons and in turn gave me a strong start in this industry which I am grateful for.

That week I scrambled to keep my morning job, be a good mom, get my lockboxes set up, quickly learned the computer programs( and I mean quickly!!) organized newspaper advertising, hired a virtual tour/professional photography company, vacuumed perfect lines in the area rug..(over and over again) steamed linens and was introduced to buyers agents in Campbell River area to work together in the showing process. Evening's consisted of reading over the last few years of Strata Documents to ensure my due diligence in getting to know the building that also comes along with this unit in a big way. 

 We ended up in a multiple offer situation one evening, and accepted an offer above asking! I shut down the Starbucks in Nanaimo throughout this process and was immensely grateful for the strong coffee, battery plug in's and wifi ;)

Fast forward a few months... I'm overjoyed with how much I've learned so far, and know I have a lot more to learn!

Thank you kindly to my clients for putting your trust in me <3